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Driving License

Union Flag on Driving Licenses

Today the Northern Ireland Assembly will debate the contentious issue of placing (or not placing) the Union Flag on Driving Licenses. Three things are certain. I will not get to speak because the 'parties of…
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Regeneration of Dromore

For years residents and business owners have been calling for action in Dromore to attract investment and improve the environment. Meetings have been held, people have spoken out, but disappointingly ambitious plans have often withered…
Fuel, Poverty and Politics
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Video: Fuel, Poverty and Politics

President Obama has been criticised for plans in his State Of The Union Address aimed at introducing tax benefits for childcare, college education and retirement. His crime? The initiatives would be funded by raising funds…
Arlene Foster
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Video: £3000 pay rise?

Basil queries Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster's claim that a 10% rate of corporation tax in Northern Ireland will result in a people having an "extra £3,000 in their pay packet per year."
Energy efficiency
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Video: Get energy efficient

Speaking on a ridiculous DUP motion based on electioneering rather than evidence. In the long term future, coal is not the solution. Yes, it's cheaper; but coal is the fuel of the past.