Monthly Archives: September 2014

Marriage Equality
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Video: Equal Marriage NI 2015

Let's not give the DUP all the credit for blocking marriage equality. The UUP should stake their claim (tho hopefully Danny Kinahan will be kept in the closet) But the abstentionist SDLP & fence sitting…
Windsor park

Audioboom: Windsor Park

The Irish Football association have announced that the Northern Ireland v Romania game WILL be played at Windsor Park. I questioned IFA Chief Executive Patrick Nelson, IFA President Jim Shaw and Dr Leslie Caul, Chairman…

Racism: words are not enough

There have been statements of "condemnation" and a "zero tolerance" approach in the wake of a 43% increase in the number of racist attacks in Northern Ireland, but that is simply not good enough. What…
Easter licensing laws need reform
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Video: Easter licensing laws

We need to fix our archaic Easter Licensing laws. Total confusion all round and bemused tourists who can't spend their money in our shops and pubs. Compare and contrast the views of Michael Stewart from…
Windsor park

Structural damage at Windsor Park

I appeared on the Stephen Nolan show this morning in my capacity as a committee member for the department of culture, arts and leisure, to discuss the structural damage to Windsor Park’s West Stand. The…