Monthly Archives: September 2014


Legislation on Bonfires

SDLP Environment Minister Mark H Durkan has said he is looking at the option of licensing plans for all bonfires in Northern Ireland. Although there are no laws against having a bonfire there are laws…
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Paramilitary Intimidation

Why are the 'big' parties doing little or nothing to tackle paramilitaries? Across Northern Ireland communities are blighted by criminality, drug dealing, violence and intimidation - yet no-one seems to want to take any action.…
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373,000 people on waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists soar, but who's to blame? Heated scenes in Stormont as the matter of soaring hospital lists was discussed. What should have been a serious debate on an important topic quickly descended into…

They call me maverick

It was put to me recently - “You are clearly not interested in power - too willing to speak your mind, party managers could not control you - who knows what you would say next.”…