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Paramilitary activity

Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland

The Secretary of State has just published a report on Paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland. Should the findings be a surprise to anyone? The assessment confirms that all the main paramilitary groups operating during the…

What are Stormont’s priorities?

Contrasting and shocking scenes at Stormont today. On the left a photo of the chamber during a debate on proposals to reduce the salaries and costs of Ministerial 'Special Advisers' who earn disproportionately more than…
Mental Health

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day 2015 It is estimated that one in five people in Northern Ireland has a mental health problem at any one time and we have higher levels of mental health…
Hospital waiting times

Hospital Waiting Times

"Heads would roll" in England if hospital waiting list figures were on the same scale as those currently seen in Northern Ireland. Nigel Edwards, the chief executive of the Nuffield Trust health body, described the…
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A teenager’s view of Stormont

What do young people think of Stormont? Last week 15 year old Beth Parkinson from Lisburn spent a week with NI21¬†as part of her work experience. We think Beth is brilliant and hope you do…