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Paramilitary activity

Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland

The Secretary of State has just published a report on Paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland. Should the findings be a surprise to anyone? The assessment confirms that all the main paramilitary groups operating during the…
Hospital waiting times

Hospital Waiting Times

"Heads would roll" in England if hospital waiting list figures were on the same scale as those currently seen in Northern Ireland. Nigel Edwards, the chief executive of the Nuffield Trust health body, described the…
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373,000 people on waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists soar, but who's to blame? Heated scenes in Stormont as the matter of soaring hospital lists was discussed. What should have been a serious debate on an important topic quickly descended into…
Women (1)
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Justice Bill: Abortion

The repeated failure of DUP Health Ministers to bring forward appropriate guidelines on abortion has created a black hole in our health service and deprived people of the necessary support. The DUP's moral crusade saw…
Mike Nesbitt, the UUP's new leader

Audio: UUP Leader voting DUP

As a result of the 'unionist pact' UUP Leader Mike Nesbitt says he will be voting DUP in his home constituency of East Belfast. You can listen to the full broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster…
Marriage Equality
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Video: Equal Marriage NI 2015

Let's not give the DUP all the credit for blocking marriage equality. The UUP should stake their claim (tho hopefully Danny Kinahan will be kept in the closet) But the abstentionist SDLP & fence sitting…