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Integrated Education

Integrated Education: What’s gone wrong? Almost half of all children are being taught in schools where 95% or more of the pupils are of the same religion and only 7% attend integrated schools in Northern…
Marriage Equality
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Video: Equal Marriage NI 2015

Let's not give the DUP all the credit for blocking marriage equality. The UUP should stake their claim (tho hopefully Danny Kinahan will be kept in the closet) But the abstentionist SDLP & fence sitting…

Electoral pacts are a bad idea

Newton's Third Law of motion states: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" Any pact that looks likes it is going to succeed will also be met with an equal and opposite…
Sinn Fein
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Video: Sinn Fein U-turn?

Business in the Assembly ground to a halt yesterday as Sinn Fein suddenly withdrew their support for the welfare reform legislation they have championed since the turn of the year. What are the real reasons…
Driving License

Union Flag on Driving Licenses

Today the Northern Ireland Assembly will debate the contentious issue of placing (or not placing) the Union Flag on Driving Licenses. Three things are certain. I will not get to speak because the 'parties of…
NI Commwealth Games
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Video: Take sport seriously

Speaking in an Assembly motion on the NI Commonwealth Games Team, Basil McCrea MLA called on the Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure to reevaluate how the Department invests in sport in order to encourage…